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Il ricatto bossista

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RdS, aprile 2006

Always the power has need of the social consent. The consent the legitimate one. That also in that is made of the history in which proclamava that the legittimazione came from God. To change the class is rather than which the consent is asked. To Cesar it served the consent of the coloni italici, held lend service in the legions, to Elisabetta the Large one served the consent of the London merchants, to the king of Naples the consent of the barons, to Garibaldi that one of the sons of the active bourgeoisie that entered on the postnapoleonica scene. Giolittiana Italy carried in scene the base Po laborer.

Mussolini increased towards the peasants and the prolific mothers. With the resistenziale and republican rhetorical the toscopadano interclassismo has been attested politicamente, that one) in the extended capitalistico profit to level of great masters and young masters has the consent base (; (two) in the social State in favor of laborers and employ to you.

With the denationalization and privatization of the great from Milan and adjacent banks, it approaches on the political scene of republican Italy the speculation financial institution, blessed from the left europeista, which nel.giro.di little years rises to the primattore role. We are not of forehead to one innovation, but of forehead to a renaissance. In fact the speculation already had dominated Italy from the cavourrista decade and until to 1889.

In nearby it had shared the power with the manufacturers iron and steel, metal worker and mechanics and electrical workers until the leninisti motions of 1919, when the understood one them Po ambushes in England and Switzerland came, waves to sottrarsi to the feared bancaria nationalization (asked from the Communists), which, then, had place in fascist age effectively, but not more in giustizialista function because of the escape of the pointed out understood one them over.

The Italian generations living imagine the speculation like a phenomenon particular and relating to one narrow social class. It instead can characterize all an historical age and determine the political condition of a great country and an entire "civilization". In fact the cavourrista speculation, that it christened the unit of Italy, was not a phenomenon of Italian origin.

Carl Marx, not still trentenne, in the liveliest test, that it is also a model of social analysis - the fights of class in France to the time of Luigi Filippo - of it describes to the genesis and the political physiology.

The French speculation had a continental impact. It can, indeed, to assert, and without refutation topic, than the Italian unit it is a political product of the financial speculators Parisians and Londoners who, afraid of the fact that the insufficient piemontesi resources would not have been enough to pay them, encouraged the enterprise of Italy di Napoleone the Small. From which the defeat of Austria and the unit. I would want to allow me one digressione. Its analytical value concurs it.

As every trader knows from always, and today those know all that they acquire to installments, often are the same vendor to finance the buyer. Obviously, through said procedure the vendor makes two gain, one on the goods and one on the loan. To the higher level, the manufacturer and the backer of the purchase are two various subjects.

The world-wide finance is an ancient phenomenon. After the birth of the industrial production, the first great operation of world-wide finance was realized with the construction of the railway nets in the European countries and the United States.

The cost of the piemontesi railroads, Lombardic-venete and then of those Appennine ones was anticipated from the Rothschild siblings. The bankers Parisians and Londoners incettavano great and small savings in Great Bretagna, France, Spain paying 2 or 2,5 for hundreds.

On this base of reservoir, they lend to the States to the rate eight or nine for hundreds. Their greater gain was not, but, in the handling of the other people's money and in the difference between the interest rate and the discount rate, but in the duration of the loan and the compound interest. In fact I placed to you exceeded employs to it, so that the banking houses and of speculation could grant long delays and renew the loan to more favorable rates.

Only for giving an idea of the consequent gain, Liras 100 lend to the 5 for hundreds of annual interest, after one hundred years make a credit of 13.150 Liras.

That is 100 multiplied 131,5 times. If we want to give an idea of "the single" monetary contribution given from the meridionals to the Italian State, 464 million Lira-gold incettati from the State sabaudo in the first twelve years of political unit, today, after 106 years, would expect - to the modest rate the 5 for hundreds - the Lira-gold restitution 928 billions, that transformed in running Liras in the 2001 would be 928 billions multiplies you for 10,000, that is 9,280,000,000,000,000, than I do not know like law. But the rate the 5 for hundreds is a inezia for the speculators.

The National bank of Genoa and Turin in 1859 developed transactions for 50 million approximately.

After ten years of unit it could come to an agreement lend you to its toscopadana customers for approximately a billion, developing its upgrades them of financier to the rate the 39 for one hundred annual. In the same relationship the contractual force of the toscopdane enterprises was developed on national "the only" market. The finance is in effects "the money of the others".

Without that nobody if noticed some before, the elections of past Sunday have raised the topic. In fact the richer regions, more financed and more financial institutions - Lombardy, Veneto and Piemonte - have heavy turned the shoulders to Prodi and the neo-welfarismo of Bertinotti and Fassino. Ulterior test of as in the Italy parish the putting must be sung on two altars, one oriented to North and the oriented other to South. If to the legitimate controls Prodi it will turn out the premier indicated from the urns, its government will have life does not say hard, but impossible.

The program of the left wheel around to the idea that the employee job is paid better and that it comes to some of the lost guarantees in the last decade.

Presumable E' that Prodi and the economists who are to its flank had the clear ideas approximately the fiscal procedures to adopt in order to recover the tax evasion of the great finance, the commerce, the craftsmen, of the professionals. But it is equally presumable that they did not expect one defeat in the richer regions and more assets.

The ballot divided on the crinale of the 50 for hundreds, now, pushes the winner ribadire that it must unificare the country. Only that before the ballot the unification could agree like the unification of the weak people realized folding the forts, while now must be meant like an ulterior weakening of the weak people in order to satisfy the rebellion of the forts. I explain myself with an example from small table. We place that a genovese importer has spold for the stocco that has in its refrigerator 500 euro to quintal.

On public square, the price R-all'.ingrosso we place it to 700 euro to quintal. Being the markup of 200 euro much profitable one, we still place that the Prodi government decides of percuotere the vendor through the general tax on the yields, so as to to transfer 100 euro (to quintal) from the private pockets to those of the State. The deduction is simple. If it had not been struck in the developed regions, could have made the increase with some disinvoltura. Now, instead, if she only risks to ventilate a proponimento of the sort, its Victoria would transform in one Caporetto.

To this point that ago? She asks aid Gheddafi? I could tell as the debit contracted from the railway and risorgimentati cavourristi carried to the enrichment of the toscopadani, that the 100 Liras, only paying 50 Liras underwrote cartelle of the public debit from, and to the impoverishment of all the other Italians, comprised meridionals, that interests had to replace the others to us the more 50 anniversaries, but you saving the ritornello.

Like you saving the customary one ritornello of the unitary fregatura and the separatismo. And also the saying: "Who makes from himself makes for three." Them sapete already. What I can make more than to sing stornelli? If the fregatura satisfies you, also keeps glorious Italy.

They are hauls yours.

N. Zitara


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